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Will Google Wave Change How Home Buyers Shop?

googlewaveSavvy home buyers always hit the Internet first before they make calls to real estate agents. With all the information available on the Web, doing neighbourhood research, price comparisons and photo tours have become the norm for 84 percent of people who are house hunting. So, how can Google’s new application, Google Wave, change all of this?

According to Google, Google Wave “is a new model for communication and collaboration on the Web.” Not debuting until later this year, each “wave” allows people to communicate and work together using text, photos, videos, maps and much more. These waves can then be shared and updated live. The application can be used to the benefit of a variety of industries, but the housing market seems to be one of the most fitting.

Today, individuals no longer need to pick up the phone to find out what a particular neighbourhood looks like, what the average home price is in that area, or what schools are in the district. Questions once fielded by knowledgeable real estate agents can now be found easily on the Internet. However, to find the answers to these questions, one must visit several different sites. With Google Wave, all of this can be done on one page, with easily accessible links, pertinent photos, and up-to-date blog posts and messages about any community. Not only will it change how real estate companies do business online, but it will engage prospective homebuyers in a completely new and different way.

Although Google Wave has yet to launch, and we have yet to see if its impact on the housing market will materialize, it will be very exciting to see how the application evolves. As more people crave richer information, the info-packed “waves” will be a welcome addition to the Google family. After all, they don’t call it the “Information Age” for nothing.

To see a preview of Google Wave, visit To contact a real estate agent the “old-fashioned” way, go to or email Chris Coveny for more info on buying or selling a home in Ottawa.