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Condos in Ottawa

Condo living in Ottawa – is it right for you?

Ottawa first-home buyer?

In need of a perfect Ottawa location and convenient commute around the city? Looking to downsize? Or simply overwhelmed by the variety of Ottawa housing and over-the-top prices? If you find this really relates to you – then consider living in a condominium and enjoy the advantages of choosing condo lifestyle.

Ottawa Condo Living – is it right for you?

Personal Top 3 Ottawa Condo Choices:

Why live in a condo?

  • Affordable pricing.
  • Convenient locations and easy commute (usually located close to shopping, entertainment and employment centres).
  • Low maintenance (most covered by the maintenance fees; as well as not having to worry about the exterior maintenance is a welcoming bonus!).
  • Modern and contemporary layouts and designs if desired (e.g. lofts, etc.)
  • Some condos offer recreation and fitness facilities as well as security surveillance and parking garages.
  • Being a proud owner rather than a renter, often times at a marginal price variance.

Condos can not only be a great way to start up if you are a student, recent graduate or a young family due to their affordability but also a great place to settle it in if you are looking to downsize. Although don’t get mistaken – condos might also be as perfect for you if you are looking for a luxurious and comfortable place to live as well.

Condos in Ottawa

You can find quite a diverse variety of condos in Ottawa and Ottawa area – anything from high- and low-rises, town or row houses, duplexes (one unit over another), triplexes (stacks of three units), to single-detached houses and stacked townhouses and freehold plots. Depending on types, facilities and location they vary in prices and affordability but there’s definitely something for everyone.

Personal Top 3 Condo Choices:

Downtown Ottawa – Lower Town, Centre Town and Sandy Hill

Downtown Ottawa Condos

Downtown Ottawa - Lower Town Condos

Prices range from $217,777 – $1,250,000.


  • Located in the heart of Ottawa – you are right in the middle of the shopping, entertainment and employment opportunities.
  • Easy commute around the city
  • High resale value
  • Plenty of green space and outdoors activities.

Builders in the area are Claridge, Routeburn, Domicile, Charlesfort, Urban Capital, Canril & L.A. Group. In 2010,  407 units were sold in the area of Lower Town, Centre Town and Sandy Hill with the lowest price of $172,000, highest – 969,000 and $349,990 on average.

Jade Condo Flats by Richcraft in Riverside South and Barrhaven

Jade Condos

Jade Condo Flats by Richcraft in Barrhaven.


  • For those looking for urban lifestyle away from the city rush and hustle
  • Family friendly
  • All the necessary amenities at hand  – shopping plazas offering grocery stores, pharmacies, restaurants, coffee shops
  • Contemporary designs
  • Plenty of green space
  • Located next to public transits
  • Early occupancy options

Prices for middle and end units start at $242,900 and $251,900 respectively in Barrhaven and $236,900 and $248,900 in Riverside South.

Soho Lisgar Condominiums by MasterCraft Starwood in Centretown (currently under development).

Soho Condominiums in Ottawa

Soho Condominiums in Ottawa (Currently under development)


  • Located in the heart of Ottawa
  • For those looking for luxurious lifestyle in a condo (compared to living in a luxurious boutique hotel)
  • Highly personalized service
  • Luxury features and options (like 9’ ceilings and floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall windows)
  • Numerous recreational and fitness facilities (Dalton Brown Gym, indoor sauna, Private State-the-Art Theatre, Soho Watergardens, etc.)

Prices range from $292,900 to $1,200,000 with 80% of the units already sold and now 4 new floors available for sale.

Condo Living in Gatineau

Brigil home builder offers a wide variety of attractive condominiums in Quebec, from low- to high-rise. In addition, Brigil is focused on the conservation of the environment by integrating residences they build into the existing natural environment by reducing the cutting of the trees, creating wetlands, Planting of trees and shrubs to protect river banks and endangered wildlife, and much more. This in turn creates a natural environment for newly built neighbourhoods offered in Hull, Aylmer and Gatineau areas.
When buying a home in Quebec you should take into account possible tax implications you would face when working in Ontario.

Condo lifestyle is great for a lot of us and has plenty of benefits. Please share your thoughts about the Condo lifestyle in Ottawa below. Contact us for information on condominiums for sale in Ottawa today!

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