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Keep Out the Cold This Winter

We all know what Canadian winters are like. Heating a home can be quite costly – and even more expensive if it’s not done efficiently. We all know that putting on a sweater or jacket indoors is one way to bring heating costs down. But here are a few ideas that you might not have thought about that won’t cost a lot. See if you could be saving money with these helpful tips:

Turn down your water heater. Most people keep it on a level that’s scalding. You probably won’t even realize it if you turn it down several degrees.

Close the flue in your fireplace. An open flue can let in a lot of cold air. If you’re not planning on using your fireplace, seal it up to avoid letting in a draft.

Cover your windows. Hang up curtains, blankets or plastic over windows at nighttime. Keep them uncovered to let light in during the day. You may even want to seal up doors to rooms that are rarely used.

Start baking. Keep the oven door open to heat up the kitchen. You’ll not only have a delicious home-cooked meal but a warm, cozy part of the house.

Check your heating filters. A clean heating filter works efficiently and keeps costs down.

Check windows and doorways for drafts. It’s common for older homes to let in a lot of air. Newer homes often have better insulation and energy-efficient windows. Check your windows and doorways to see if cold air is getting in and use caulk to seal it up.

How do you keep energy costs down? Let us know if you have any creative ideas!

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