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Finding a Realtor You Get Along With

Get along with your realtor!

Get along with your realtor!

Finding a realtor is relatively easy these days. You can flip through the Yellow Pages, search the Internet, pay a visit to your local real estate office, or ask a friend for a referral. However, the chemistry between you and your new realtor will be significant in ensuring a productive and successful relationship.

Hiring a realtor based on their (or their company’s) track record is an essential characteristic that most people initially look for. While this is a sound reason to base your search on, it is always better to get a referral if possible. Why? The likelihood of getting along with a realtor that was referred by a friend is quite high. If you are compatible with your friend, and your friend is compatible with the realtor, chances are that you will be too. If you do not know anyone that can make a referral for you, don’t worry. Go ahead and meet with several agents. Comparison shopping will help you to determine which agent you harmonized with the most and those who were unreceptive. Remember, although the realtor is working for you, it is critical that you both agree with each other and manage your expectations accordingly. Unfortunately, this is where most realtor-client relationships go sour.

Selling and buying homes is a tough business, and expectations on both sides have to be managed. Venturing down this rocky road with a realtor that you have a hard time getting along with is going to make that road even more challenging. The relationship is a two-way street. Setting an attainable goal and outlining proper boundaries will aid in the process for you and for the sale/purchase of your home.

No one said that dealing in real estate was easy, but it certainly helps if you have a realtor that doubles as a friend and confidant.

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