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Showing An Empty Home? Hire a House Sitter

Find a house sitter to occupy your home

Find a house sitter to occupy your home

These days, it is quite common for families or individuals to move out of their homes in order to make the “show and sell” process easier for prospective buyers and their real estate agents. However, it can be somewhat detrimental, at least for the successful sale of your property, to leave the premises entirely.

An empty house seems unattractive for potential home buyers, and keeping some or all of your furniture in tact can help them to envision their future life in your home. While it is not always possible to keep belongings in the house, a simple couch or accessories, such as pictures and lighting can help buyers gain a better perspective. If this is still unattainable, the solution would be to hire a house sitter.

House sitters are beneficial for many reasons. First, it is possible that they may bring their own furniture, which accommodates the “lived in” feeling of the home. This is highly desirable, and appeals to homebuyers. Second, with home security being a major concern, having a house sitter mitigates any anxiety or worry about leaving your house vacant. People will be able to see someone coming and going from the property on a daily basis. Third, any chores like taking out the garbage and cleaning the yard, or duties such as bringing in any mail or checking on the water pressure will be taken care of. The last things you want to think about are magazines piling up on the doorway or small structural problems that can get out of hand if unnoticed. It is also helpful to note that homeowners can count on the safety of continuing insurance, as these companies prefer a permanent live-in caretaker rather than someone just coming in sporadically to check-in on the property.

If you are interested in hiring a house sitter, or exploring the costs of employing one, and are great resources for fielding questions and learning about the benefits of a caretaker. You can always ask your real estate agent to make recommendations for you, as they will always have your best interest as top priority.

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