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Men Take More Time Deciding on a Home

Men and women: feuding tastes

Men and women: feuding tastes

Perhaps the stereotype that men tend not to “think things over” is just that… a stereotype. According to a survey by Coldwell Banker Real Estate, men took longer than women in deciding if a particular home was right for them.

The survey states that 70 percent of women had their mind made up the same day as viewing the house. However, only 62 percent of men had their mind made up the same day. Additionally, it was reported that 32 percent of men needed two or more visits before making a final decision, in contrast with just 23 percent of women.
A third-party research firm, International Communications Research (ICR) was used to gather the information. They used pinpointed questions to probe men’s and women’s minds in order to find out what was important to them in finding a suitable home. Some of the questions included: “Who wears the pants in the relationship?” and “If you found the home of your dreams but had concerns about its security, would you still be interested?”

Diann Patton, a Coldwell Banker consumer spokesperson stated that the results were surprising. She stated, ““Not only did we uncover some of the inherent differences between men and women, but we also pinpointed a number of ways that the two genders are actually the same. For example, both men and women are increasingly concerned with having a space to work in their homes – something we would not have seen 40 years ago. We also found that feeling insecure about a home’s safety is a deal-breaker for most people, regardless of gender.”
The survey shows how important it is for couples to communicate before venturing into the housing market. It also highlights how unbelievably supportive real estate agents are in fostering cooperation between couples. Agents can act as a great buffer between feuding personalities, and can help to mitigate or diffuse the situation altogether.

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