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Findlay Creek

Looking for the perfect home & location? Welcome to Findlay Creek

Findlay Creek

Entrance to Findlay Creek

Findlay Creek neighbourhood became my home approximately 2.5 years ago. The more I live here the more I appreciate this neighbourhood. I do not own a house yet but after discovering this beautiful community for myself I am really considering Findlay Creek as a location for purchasing my first home.

A Quick & Easy Commute

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Findlay Creek homes

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Findlay Creek Parks

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Findlay Creek shopping centre

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Findlay Creek in the beginning

The first homes in the neighbourhood were built in the early 2000s. Since then Findlay Creek has welcomed approximately 1,400 families who now call this neighbourhood their home. The community keeps on growing and welcoming new families every day.

Findlay Creek in Early Stages

Google Maps satellite view of Findlay Creek in early stages of development.

A Quick & Easy Commute

Findlay Creek is located just outside the greenbelt off one of Ottawa’s main roads – Bank Street (Hwy 31) – in the south end of the capital. It is relatively close to the commercial and transit points both on Bank Street and Hunt Club Road.

“Close to everything but away from it all” ( – has become a slogan for the Findlay Creek community. I couldn’t agree more! It is convenient for people commuting by car or via public transport. The local bus route takes you to the South Keys area from which you have a good connection to anywhere in the city by bus or the O-train.

Findlay Creek Homes

As of 2011 (refer to Findlay Creek website), Findlay Creek consists of approximately 1,400 residences (town-homes, semi-detached homes, single homes and Java condos). Unfortunately the development of condos is finished at this time (which was a great option for young people starting out and on a budget). Currently in Findlay Creek you can look into purchasing a variety of housing from manor town homes, bungalow town homes, semi-detached houses, to bungalows and single homes.

This neighbourhood is ideal for new families who are just starting out, or those looking for a quiet & peaceful area within short driving distance of the city center.

Homes in Findlay Creek

Tartan single homes

Pricing list of housing offered by Tartan Homes

Pricing list of housing offered by Tamarack Homes

Findlay Creek’s new home development is in full swing. The current phase of construction has Findlay Creek growing west in the direction of Albion Rd. and north-east towards Bank Street.

New Home Construction

New Single Home Construction

Newly Built Townhomes

Newly Built Tamarack Town-Homes

Homes in Findlay Creek are built by two very well respected builders – Tartan and Tamarack. They offer well thought-out & beautiful interior/exterior home designs, Energy Star compliance, as well as unique features and colossal amount of available upgrades.

You are always welcome to visit Findlay Creek Sales Centre for more information (located at 2894 Findlay Creek Dr.).

Findlay Creek Parks

Findlay Creek is known for its parks, children’s playgrounds, pathways, sidewalks, plenty of trees and greenery throughout the neighbourhood. The wide and uncluttered street designs are a welcome bonus as well.

Dragonfly Park Trees

A view from Dragonfly Park

Dragonfly Park in Findlay Creek

Dragonfly Park offers a beautiful playground, which consists of a wide variety of play structures and a swing set. The basketball court, park benches and beautiful landscaping are also worth mentioning.

Dragonfly Park Playground

Dragonfly Park Playground

All homes in the neighbourhood are Energy Star qualified (which gives the owners an opportunity to save up to 30% on their energy bills and contribute to the well-being of the environment).

You would be amazed by how much of Findlay Creek consists of green space. The extra green space & parks give you a feeling of separation from the big city rush and hustle, they give you an opportunity to enjoy the nature all around you whether you are going for a bike ride, roller blading, jogging or just enjoying a walk though the neighbourhood.

Findlay Creek Greenspace

Findlay Creek has plenty of green space

Two elementary schools are in the planning for Findlay Creek. One of the schools is scheduled to open in September 2014 (JK to Grade 8).

Findlay Creek Shopping Centre

The last but not the least is the Retail Development in the neighbourhood. Residents are getting excited about the shopping centre that is currently in development at the intersection of Findlay Creek Drive and Bank Street due to be completed by spring of 2012. Let’s take a look at their commercial development plan.

Findlay Creek Retail Development

Findlay Creek shopping centre under development

Some stores are to open as early as February 2012.

The following businesses have been confirmed: Fresh Co., LCBO, Subway, 7Dental group, Tiny Hoppers, Gabriel Pizza, Shoppers Drug Mart, Tim Hortons, Physiotherapist, Medical Clinic, Optician, Dry Cleaner/Tailor,and Jonny Canuck’s Bar and Grill.

Everyone is anticipating the opening of the shopping centre which will contribute to making Findlay Creek an outstanding place to live.

I Hope you enjoyed our tour through the Findlay Creek. Now that you have gained some insight into what this neighbourhood is all about, would you consider Findlay Creek as your next home? Contact us to see homes for sale in Findlay Creek today!

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