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Chic Condo Living: Top 3 Reasons to Buy a Condo in Ottawa

Condo living is going through a major revitalization period right now.  Not too long ago, condo living was considered a compromise for people buying their first time home, but now, condo living is a massive trend.  More Ottawa homebuyers are opting for the suite life and are recognizing the benefits of buying a modern condo over buying a house.  Many interior design magazines like Canada’s own Style at Home highlight the sophisticated lifestyle associated with living in a condo and praise the ease of creating a condo that feels like home.

Furnishing Small Spaces (by Kim Christie)

What are my top 3 reasons to buy a condo in Ottawa? Take a look below.

1). Affordability

2). Location/Maintenance

3). Community

Brigil Projects in Hull/Aylmer

 1). Affordability

One of the most popular reasons many people choose to buy a condo as their first home is because of how financially accessible they are.  Buying a condo is a popular trend among young professionals who have recently finished post secondary school.  Instead of making monthly rent payments that go directly to a landlord, condo buyers are able to pay a mortgage that is an investment into their home and their future

First time home buyers typically look for a space that fits their needs and strikes a perfect balance of a home that is both compact and functional.  Furnishing a house can be a daunting and costly task, so having condo apartment with the perfect amount of space is a bonus.  Stores like IKEA pride themselves on creating well-designed furniture that works impeccably with the growing popularization of condo living.

 2). Location/Maintenance

While affordability is number one on my list, there is also the importance of location and building maintenance.  Condo buildings are typically located in the downtown core of the urban landscape, which is great for a person who wishes to live and work in Ottawa.  Although parking facilities are available to most condo buildings, many residents choose not to own a vehicle and rely on alternative transportation like public transit or walking to get where they need to go.  By not having a car, home owners are able to invest their money back into their home.

Maintenance is also a very important reason to make your first time home a condo.  Buying a condo is a popular trend for busy individuals, not having the added pressure of trash/snow removal, lawn care and building repairs to think about.  The payment of condo fees designates the responsibility of these tasks to the homeowner’s association.  Not having to worry about maintenance is what makes condo living an ideal place to live in the long-term.  Condo buildings also provide a safe environment for residents through security systems equipped with on-guard security guards and cameras.

 3). Community

Condominiums are best known for their amenities and community life.  Homeowners contribute to monthly or yearly condo fees that are put towards the services and facilities that are provided in the building.  These services include things like a fully-equipped gym, a swimming pool, parking, fitness classes, playgrounds, and recreational rooms for community events.

By providing recreational options for Ottawa home owners, condominiums also encourage friendship and cooperation for residents living in the building.  When one is part of a condominium community, there is a sense of belonging and looking out for your neighbours.  Condo buildings usually have a community committee that gathers to discuss issues of importance and organize social events to strengthen the relationships of residents in the building.

 What’s happening in Hull/Aylmer?

Condos at Symmes-Lorrain in Hull and Aylmer

New condominium developments are always an exciting undertaking for builders and potential home buyers looking for a condo in the area.  Brigil Construction Group offers a variety of style of homes to buyers, and are especially known for their condominium developments.  Choosing to live in a condo in Hull and Aylmer can be a smart decision.  Check out Brigil Construction Group for more information on new and existing developments that are available.

Choosing a condo out of Ottawa’s downtown can be more affordable and a nice change of scenery.  Although it is a bit out of the way and will result in a longer commute time, there are always STO buses to take you where you need to go on time. For more information on public transit in Hull and Aylmer check out STO and use their travel planner.

 Is buying a condo a right choice for you?

Choosing to buy a condo as a first time home owner can seem like an intimidating task, but it is sure to be rewarding in the end.  A condominium’s affordability mixed with the community feel and the location and maintenance can far exceed the benefits of buying a house.  Make your first step of buying a condo right here at Ottawa Move.  Explore the website for more information on real estate costs and location.

What are your top three reasons to buy a condo? Do you agree with the reasons listed above? Do you have your own experience of buying a condo as a first time home buyer? Please share your opinions in the comments section below!

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