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Rockcliffe Park: Small Town Charm in a Big City

Rockcliffe Park is one of Ottawa’s hidden retreats from the hustle and bustle of the city.  The Rockcliffe Park neighbourhood provides a small town feel for residents who want to be a part of the city, but who want to unwind in the tranquility of the whispering trees and the quiet streets.  Along with the quiet serenity that Rockcliffe Park offers to its residents, there is a strong community network between neighbours, with two schools, a community centre and a residents association.

  •  Rockcliffe Park Schools
  • The Community Hall and Library
  • Rockcliffe Park Residents Association
  • Community Attractions and Events
  • Rockcliffe Park Real Estate
  • Rockcliffe Park Living

 Rockcliffe Park Schools

Rockcliffe Park is a very family oriented neighbourhood and is an ideal location for families with children looking for a permanent home.  Rockcliffe Park offers a variety of options for education in the area.  Rockcliffe Park Public School, located at 350 Buena Vista Road is the public school in the area, offering junior kindergarten to grade 6 education taught in English and French Immersion.  Just down the street from RPPS is Elmwood School, located at 261 Buena Vista Road.  Elmwood School is an all-girls private school catering to junior kindergarten to grade 12.  Perhaps one of Rockcliffe Park’s better known schools is the internationally praised Ashbury College, located at 362 Mariposa Avenue.  Ashbury College offers schooling from grades 4 to 8 and a number of international opportunities for students.  Homebuyers looking to buy in the Rockcliffe area are sure to be amazed at how many education choices there are for their children.

 The Community Hall and Library

Rockcliffe Park’s tight knit community is home to the very active building within the area that is full of activities and events for residents to enjoy.  Located at 380 Springfield Road, the Community Hall and Library can be rented out for parties, receptions and meetings as well as exercise classes. The library, a part of the Ottawa Public Library system equipped with books, computers, electronic databases and genealogy resources.  Down the road from the Community Hall and Library are the Community Police Centre where officers patrol the district to provide safety and security to Rockcliffe’s residents.

 Rockcliffe Park Residents Association

The Rockcliffe Park Residents Association is dedicated to providing up-to-date information about events and activities happening in the community.  The RPRA’s website is the go to source for the Association’s calendar of events. For more information on what the RPRA is up to, check out their website for their community services and historical background.

 Community Attractions

A view of McKay Lake from Lansdowne Road North

What attracts many residents to the Rockcliffe Park area is the sense of community that the neighbourhood offers as well as the local attractions in the area.  Mckay Lake, located to the west of Rockcliffe is a secret treasure of the area and a fantastic backyard view.  Mckay Lake is surrounded by many trees and walking paths, and visitors to the Lake will be surprised at how such a serene location exists in the city of Ottawa.  To the north of the Rockcliffe Park neighbourhood is a wide stretching green area with a number of walking paths for residents to stroll through and walk their dogs in.  The variety of green space in Rockcliffe Park is important to its residents and is an attraction for home buyers looking to have a combination of city and country life.

When residents are looking to get a taste of the city life, taking a short walk to the New Edinburgh is a popular option.  Located just south of Rockcliffe Park, residents are able to visit New Edinburgh for dining and entertainment.  Popular businesses include New Edinburgh Pub & Eatery, Fraser Café, Clocktower Brew Pub and The Scone Witch, all located on and around Beechwood Avenue.

Fraser Cafe, a short walk away from Rockcliffe park

 Rockcliffe Park Real Estate

The Rockcliffe Park real estate market is a thriving one, with a variety of housing types that pop up on the market.  The average list price of a home in the Rockcliffe Park area is $2,238,287, which is about 1 million dollars more than the average selling price in the area ($895,000). Visit Ottawa Move for more information and browse the current listings on properties in Rockcliffe Park.

Rockcliffe Park comprises of the Old Village and the New Village, each with its own unique atmosphere.  The Old Village, which stretches from Sussex Drive to the west side of McKay Lake is home to more historical and architecturally grand homes while the New Village contains more contemporary and modern homes.

 Homes in the Old Village:

A home in the Old Village in Rockcliffe Park

This renovated Georgian residence located at 470 Manor Avenue has the classic charm that comes with being part of the Old Village.  The listing price of this home is $3,275,000.

Homes in the New Village:

A home located in the New Village of Rockcliffe Park

This custom re-built home located at 34 Birch Avenue is perfect for a home buyer looking for a contemporary home in an area with a small town feel.  This 4 bedroom home is definitely has some serious curb appeal.  The list price of this home is $1,100,000.

Rockcliffe Park Living

Rockcliffe Park is a neighbourhood in Ottawa that definitely meets potential homebuyers expectations.  The array of educational institutions to choose from along with the strong community network of residents is an important component of Rockcliffe Park life.  The walking paths and McKay Lake mixed with the dining and entertainment options strikes the perfect balance between the country life and the city life.  Start your search for the perfect home in Rockcliffe Park, you won’t regret it.

 What do you think of Rockcliffe Park? Do you like the small town feel that Rockcliffe Park offers? Please share your thoughts in the comments!

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