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Increase the Value of Your Home

We post many topics on increasing the value of your home. Most of them touch on the same thing, but the advice never gets old. It cannot be stressed enough how important some small (or bigger) changes to your home will affect its sale price. Here are a few pointers to get you started: FRONT […]

Ottawa Housing Prices Continue to Increase

This month, Statistics Canada announced that the price of new homes in the Ottawa-Gatineau market increased more rapidly in December than any other city. The price of new houses in Ottawa-Gatineau rose faster in December than in other cities, Statistics Canada said Thursday. The increase of 0.8 per cent is double the average for country. […]

Builders in Ottawa-Gatineau Raise Prices

The year-on-year housing prices in Ottawa-Gatineau increased 0.7 percent in September. The improved housing market gave local builders the confidence to raise their prices, according to Statistics Canada. The Ottawa area was one of few to display continued growth, and also showed year-on-year increases along with a faster growth rate than other Canadian markets. Overall, […]