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Five Easy Ways to Winterize Your Home

Start thinking about winterizing your home

Start thinking about winterizing your home

As the winter months are fast approaching in Ontario, Ottawa Move is sharing five ways that you can help keep the cold outside of your home, where it belongs.

Yes, replacing windows can be expensive, which is why we recommend that you do this a few panes at a time. If you replace them with storm windows, which help trap the cold air outside, even better. However, in the short-term insulation kits can be purchased from your local hardware store. These kits contain plastic sheets that stick to the inside of your windows, and you use a hairdryer to shrink wrap the sheets into place. While a little unsightly, you will be thanking yourself in December. Plus you can always remove them in the spring, and at only around $5 per window, it’s quite affordable.

Seriously, turn your fan upside down. This is a great tip that will cause the warm air to be pushed downward – instead of lifting it upward to stay cool – therefore re-circulating it throughout your home. Not sure which way the fan should be turning in the wintertime? As long as the fan is turning in a clockwise motion you should be all set.

A dirty furnace can block air flow and may actually be counter-productive. You want your furnace to keep you warm in the winter months. Getting an annual furnace check up costs around $125 and that includes cleaning, turning and filter changing. Remember that changing your furnace filter monthly is a good idea. But if you are not sure how to go about doing this, it is best to leave it to the professionals.

Leaves always get stuck in the gutters of a home, and while cleaning them out this is not always a favourite thing to do, it can help tremendously when it starts getting icy and cold. How? The leaves can begin by clogging the gutter drainage system, and as a result ice dams can form causing water to back up and seep into your house. Not only does this cause damage to the home, but that water is ice cold, and makes your home feel that way too. You can use a gloved-hand or a spatula to clean the leaves from the gutter.

A burst pipe in the winter can be a huge hassle. Avoid this by wrapping your pipes with foam sleeves – they usually come pre-molded at your local hardware store. Make sure you target pipes that are apt to freeze, in areas like the basement or garage. Also, before any freezing nights make sure that the water to your hose bibs are shut off inside your house and that the pipes are drained. There should be a turn-off value to do this.

Don’t hesitate to turn to your local hardware company for help on any of these winterizing tips. Their staffs are usually very knowledgeable regarding topics such as these.

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