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Glebe Residents Fear Lansdowne Plan Will Take Away Park

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The overhaul of Lansdowne Park has been a controversial topic for Glebe residents for some time now. However, a new development has upset the neighbourhood even more as details surrounding five acres of baseball fields, children’s playgrounds, and dog runs have been released showing a complete redesign.

The recreational area, which is part of Sylvia Holden Park, was illustrated as a component of the redesign in plans that were submitted to the city last week. However, a city representative and spokesperson stated that the plans are not concrete, and that they were submitted to see what the architectural implications would be if the area was redeveloped.

According to Councillor Clive Doucet, the site’s developers are shooting for the redesign of the area so that it will match the aesthetic adjacent to the $250 million refurbishment of Lansdowne.

“My concern is that the space we have will be lost or moved in such a way that they won’t be as accessible. This is rated one of the top three walkable communities in all of North America, and it’s because we fought to make it that way,” said Glebe resident Elaine Martin.

Another resident, Jane Gardiner, noted that Ottawa is not a dog-friendly city, “We only have this one park that is gated so dogs are safe when they play here.”

New plans for Lansdowne Park have to be submitted to the city on May 11th.

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