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How To Spot Signs of Termites (And How To Keep Them Out)

While not always a frequent problem, termite damage can be a very expensive headache for Ottawa home owners. If you’ve noticed a large number of winged, ant-like insects around your home, there’s a good chance you have a termite problem. If you suspect an infestation, there are a few things you can do to determine if you’ll need to call an exterminator. And if you don’t have termites, you can always take the following preventative measurestermite

Do I Have Termites In My Ottawa Home?

Termites like moist environments. That’s why you might want to keep an eye on your basement or areas around the house that are prone to leaks. Check your walls, outdoor deck and foundation for the following signs:

Dirt and Debris – If you notice little mounds of wood dust, lines of dirt covering cracks in the walls or insect wings, these are revealing signs of termites.

Check for Hollow Wood In Your Home – Often times you won’t always be able to see the damage that has been done. Termites like to chew through wood starting on the inside. Knock on wood and note the sound – if it sounds hollow, there’s a pretty strong chance termites have been burrowing away inside.

How Do I Keep Termites Away?

Keep Wood Piles Away From Your House – Doing this can help keep other pests away from your home, too.

Check for Water Damage in Your Ottawa Home – If you have had water damage or leaks, you can make your home susceptible to termites. Water can make wood more permeable and easier for termites to chew through. Contact a plumber if you notice standing water or the wood around pipes is discolored.

Don’t Start a Garden Too Close To Your Home – Mulching and watering too close to your home can attract a whole host of insects – including termites. Maintain enough space from your foundation to prevent this problem.

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