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Save Water This Summer

With the temperatures warming up, it’s a good time to start planting a garden and keeping up with your landscaping. But a nice green lawn often means that your water bill will start to increase. To keep these costs down, take a look at the following tips to save water around your Ottawa home.sink

Save Water As You Garden

Lawns and gardens can take up an incredible amount of water. To maintain your lawn while saving water, you can use water from a rain barrel to replenish your plants. A barrel or old garbage bin can be used to catch water (place a screen over the top to keep debris or insects from getting inside.)

Put a layer of mulch over flowerbeds or over the roots of bushes and trees. This can help keep the soil moist for a longer period of time by preventing evaporation.

Make use of native plants to save water in your garden since many of these species won’t require an exceptional amount of water. Plants that can tolerate droughts are usually a good choice, too since you won’t have to water them everyday.

Save Water While You Maintain Your Ottawa Home

It’s never a bad idea every once and a while to check out the plumbing in your Ottawa home. You might have a leak without even knowing about it – and have been paying for it all along. Check your basement, under the sinks and behind toilets for signs of standing water. Call a plumber if you notice one of your pipes has started to drip.

A large amount of water is often used from showering, flushing toilets and running the sinks. Taking shorter showers (which no one wants to do) and turning off the faucet while brushing your teeth are some easy things you can do around the house. Additionally, many new appliances have better water efficiency than older models. New toilets and showerheads with water saving features can save you more money down the road.

Saving Water Around Your Ottawa Home

If you have a water saving tip, feel free to share with us below.

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