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9 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe

Safety and security is one of the most important aspects to consider as an Ottawa homeowner. OttawaMove has gathered some simple, sometimes overlooked ways that you can keep your house safter, and in turn, the ones who live there. 1) Make sure that you change your locks if they are not sturdy or easy to […]

Increase the Value of Your Home

We post many topics on increasing the value of your home. Most of them touch on the same thing, but the advice never gets old. It cannot be stressed enough how important some small (or bigger) changes to your home will affect its sale price. Here are a few pointers to get you started: FRONT […]

What to Ask Your Home Inspector

Home inspections can be slightly intimidating, if you don’t know the right questions to ask. Ottawa Move has come up with some key questions that you should ask your home inspector so that you can feel comfortable with the entire process. 1. Does the home inspector have a license? This may seem like a petty […]

Home Owner Scams You Need To Know

Home owner scams have been around for ages, and although they don’t happen to everyone, you should still understand what the most common ones are. has come up with a few scams that you should be aware of. 1. THOSE PESKY PHONE CALLS While the majority of people do not fall for telemarketing home […]