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What to Ask Your Home Inspector

Home inspections can be slightly intimidating, if you don’t know the right questions to ask. Ottawa Move has come up with some key questions that you should ask your home inspector so that you can feel comfortable with the entire process. 1. Does the home inspector have a license? This may seem like a petty […]

Home Owner Scams You Need To Know

Home owner scams have been around for ages, and although they don’t happen to everyone, you should still understand what the most common ones are. has come up with a few scams that you should be aware of. 1. THOSE PESKY PHONE CALLS While the majority of people do not fall for telemarketing home […]

Top Things to Do in Ottawa

We may concentrate on getting you the most up-to-date real estate information in Ottawa, but we also want to let you know how many great things there are to do in the wonderful town. has compiled a list of our favourite things to do below: 1. Notre Dame Cathedral Basilica: This beautiful church, which […]

Purchasing a Condo? Know Before You Buy

Many people that purchase condominiums like the lifestyle that it provides, versus buying a house. However, there is more than meets the eye with condo ownership. What are you really buying into when purchasing a condo? Bonnie Wegerich, president of the Calgary Real Estate Board says, “Purchasing this convenient condo lifestyle can be an inconvenient […]

Five Easy Ways to Winterize Your Home

As the winter months are fast approaching in Ontario, Ottawa Move is sharing five ways that you can help keep the cold outside of your home, where it belongs. INSULATE WINDOWS: Yes, replacing windows can be expensive, which is why we recommend that you do this a few panes at a time. If you replace […]

Ontario Homeowners Receive Grants for Energy Upgrades

The Canadian government has been giving grants away to homes that qualify for energy renovations. However, there are several essential steps that home owners must go through before qualifying. Ottawa Move has compiled all the information below to make the process easier to understand. What is an Energy Audit? An Energy Audit is basically a […]